©Henri Matisse - Yellow odalisque 1926

Henri Matisse - Yellow odalisque 1926
Yellow odalisque
1926 55x80cm oil/canvas
National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Canada

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From the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Canada:
OLD - The odalisque, or exotic nude, is a motif that Matisse returned to repeatedly throughout his life. This work belongs to a series that he painted from 1918 until 1928 during the winter months he spent in Nice. About 1930 Matisse told an interviewer: "As for the odalisques, I saw them in Morocco, which makes it possible for me to paint them in France without playing make-believe . . . ." The model for the majority of these odalisque paintings was the young art student Henriette Darricarrère (b. 1901), whose family lived near Matisse's rented hotel rooms.